About Pop Labs

Award-Winning Interactive Marketing Agency in Houston, TX

Pop Labs is a full service, turn-key Digital Marketing Agency. Specializing in SEO, PPC, Website Development, Graphic Design, Interactive Social Media and Content Proven Marketing Services. " When it comes to our clients and the success of their businesses, we take immense pride in being their idea makers, implementers and support team.

Launching a successful online marketing campaign (and making sure it stays successful) isn't as much an art as it is a science, and the dedicated team at Pop Labs has got the solution for you. With the right mix of graphic design, advanced marketing practices and up-to-date social media strategies, Pop Labs's custom approach to search engine marketing is your ticket to increased traffic, improved conversion rates and higher ROI for you and your business.

Founded in 2001, Pop Labs takes pride in being a one-stop shop for online success. We're not just a "design firm" or "search engine marketing company." We're an interactive agency whose most valuable asset is our people. It is because of our staff and management team that we have grown to be one of the nation's leading full-service, digital media agencies. It is because of our clients that we continue to have the honor of doing so.

Who We Are

Led by serial entrepreneur, Gene McCubbin, the Pop Labs team is a close-knit group of experts in web design, usability, accessibility, search marketing, technology, sales, online behavior, and communication. We are all driven by the same passion that drives the company: meet the needs of people, and ultimately you will meet the needs of the client.

Top Tweets from Pop Labbers

  • Twitter Profile Picture for @audrajackson @audrajackson: Referencing camel spit in an email to a client. Yep, it's Friday.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @ryanmathis @ryanmathis: twitter makes everyone a psychologist and/or philosopher
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @ramzicle @ramzicle: New developments in grey beard hairs since the last time I washed clothes
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @dkelsheimer @dkelsheimer: The line "everyone's doing it" and paint all over the face shouldn't be combined... But makes for a fun night.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @genemccubbin @genemccubbin: High unemployment is NOT a sign of a poor economy...its a sign of poor work ethic and educational system.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @victoria_lou @victoria_lou:I was kidnapped by the traveling circus AGAIN. While being interrogated by clowns the monkeys stole my cell, AGAIN!! Pls msg me contact info
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @movelez @movelez: Dear kickboxing, I cheated on you with Cheesecake Factory, I understand you're probably angry, but I hope we can work this out. Love, Mo
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @notahickie @notahickie: FINALLY finished uploading my Philippines pics last night. My favorite: http://is.gd/1aemA. Always bring your grandma. You skip the lines.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @davisbaker @davisbaker: recaptcha has a dirty mouth today
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @mollyjoon @mollyjoon: me and my brother are creating storyboards for our Dog Whisperer audition tape.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @movelez @movelez: next time someone submits a job inquiry on a form that clearly states 'DO NOT submit job inquiries here', they'll see this http://is.gd/PdpR
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @kinne @kinne: It's interesting how carnies are not customer service orientated at all. Wondering if they found these people on corners of major cities.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @janeeats @janeeats: dear air conditioner, are you suffering? why do you shriek like that?
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @hydromatrix @hydromatrix: there is a beauty salon on westimer that offers facial waxing and facial perms. wow. its probably part of the sasquatch package.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @movelez @movelez: a wrapped something fell out of my goldfish bag and i got all cracker jack excited..was a coupon for V8 - um prize FAIL, goldfish..
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @martinezdesigns @martinezdesigns: I had dreams all nite that involved zombies killing themselves. And I was like, "Dude, you're already dead!"
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @janeeats @janeeats: @davisbaker just smelled my burp... "were you eating chocolate?"
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @hydromatrix @hydromatrix: Table based design? Nice. After my eyes balls explode we can celebrate your creativity by throwing ourselves off a cliff.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @notahickie @notahickie: Told a friend I wouldn't be able to hang out tonight. His response: "since you're going to church, can u get God to let the rockets win?"
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @davisbaker @davisbaker: im not sure if hook ups with dr's is a good idea. thats like knowing a friend of a friend who does tattoo's
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @llogue @llogue: Looking forward to Midget Wrestling tonight at Johnny's Place!!
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @hydromatrix @hydromatrix: not this side of the office. this side smells like sales.
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @mayhemchaos @mayhemchaos: I'm a Cobra Kai trained individual. NO MERCY!
  • Twitter Profile Picture for @themoleskin @themoleskin: Why does it seem like this is EXACTLY how @genemccubbin would have danced as a kid? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...
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