Case Study: National Marketing Information Provider

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  • Monthly visits increased by 37% since March 2009
  • Number of pages viewed increased by 41% since March 2009
  • Search traffic increased by 56%
  • Goal conversion rate increased by 82%
  • Many keywords and phrases on the first page of Google Search results


The client is a nationally recognized provider of healthcare information. The company provides a number of products and services for any healthcare industry-related market. In early 2009, they approached Pop Labs for assistance increasing the client’s online visibility. Their field is very competitive, and they needed a more aggressive strategy.

Campaign Development

The client’s ultimate goal was to gain more visibility on search engines, which in turn could increase the number of leads received from their online marketing campaign. To reach this, Pop Labs used a multi-pronged approach.

The client’s old website had plenty of good information, but it lacked organization, optimization and the platform was not search engine friendly. Pop Labs’ first step was to redesign the client’s site so that users benefitted from a better online experience. We also recognized the importance of stressing the difference between the client’s products and their services . To make it easier for visitors to find the products suited to their needs, Pop Labs utilized image-based navigation for the client’s products page. To supplement this, we also created banners which showcase the unique features of each product.

Throughout the site are calls to action that serve two purposes:

  1. To share product information.
  2. To gather additional visitor information through an online form.

Before acquiring the Pop Labs’ assistance, the client ran a pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign. By analyzing campaign performance, we immediately identified the competitive nature of the client’s market as well as where their ads fell short. Pop Labs combined our marketing expertise with the client’s industry knowledge to create a more targeted and effective paid search campaign.

Performance Results

As soon as the client’s website launched in March 2009, qualified leads poured in. Since reexamining and adjusting their online marketing campaign, leads increased by almost 800%. The client’s elevated number of phone calls are monitored using Pop Labs’ call tracking service. This overall improvement and increased understanding of their market helped the client become more efficient.

Services Implemented

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Web Design

Visitor Increase


Goal Conversion Increase


Pay-Per-Click Conversion Increase