Our success depends on our customers, partners, investors, employees, and the communities in which we live and work. Pop Labs believes that by investing in the community, we can help others achieve the same goals and aspirations that we have. Everyone can succeed; sometimes people just need a little help.

Knowbility & AIR Houston

The Internet offers endless possibilities. It's a beautiful thing, really. Limitless opportunities, seas of knowledge, countless relationships to create and grow. It's alarming, then, that a world without limits has … well, its limits.

Everyone is hopping on the web, including users with disabilities. However, many of today’s websites are not built to accommodate their special needs, and as such these users often find themselves unable to access the endless possibilities the Internet has to offer. It is for this very reason that the call for internet and web accessibility has become such an important one.

Pop Labs has a commitment to making the internet accessible for all users. That’s why we’ve competed and volunteered for AIR Houston for many years. AIR (Accessibility Internet Rally) Houston is a one-day, 8-hour web design and development competition created to raise awareness about web accessibility. During this competition, teams of web designers and developers are matched with non-profit organizations, artists, and/or musicians from the Houston area. Once each team has "met their match" (no pun intended), the challenge is to build a new website with the goal of making it fully accessible for people with disabilities.

AIR Houston is coordinated by Austin-based Knowbility. Knowbility is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1999 to support the independence of children and adults with disabilities through accessible information technology - barrier-free IT!

Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA)

HiMA is a non-profit business association dedicated to increasing awareness, education, and utilization of interactive marketing in the Houston area. Key HiMA groups include interactive professionals, educators, and students that are committed to fostering best practices and idea-sharing to reach their target audiences through online and interactive media. The organization is not limited to online marketing; it also focuses on how technology is used to facilitate stronger relationships with potential and existing clients, teaching how to build effective modern PR, advertising, and marketing teams in today's ever-changing business environment. It also addresses the needs of professionals in related fields such as design, copywriting, and site development.

Pop Labs has been a member of HiMA since the start. Our employees have helped with IS Conference and have served as board members (Technology & Membership) for the last two years.

Interactive Strategies (IS)

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This September 9th, 2009, Interactive Strategies will be hosting its second conference locally in Houston, TX at the Angelika Theater. Interactive Strategies is an annual, full-day conference hosted by the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA). IS '09 is an arena in which progressive marketers can learn from industry experts by diving into discussions covering the latest interactive strategies, innovative concepts, and advanced technologies, all while networking with fellow professionals.

For IS Conference '09, five PopLabbers have been involved as planning committee members or board members. We worked collaboratively to help design, build, and promote the new conference website, and we're currently working on promotion of the conference itself.

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