E-mail Marketing Consulting Services

We are all too familiar with that unpleasant sensation of opening up our physical mailboxes only to see a huge pile of catalogs spill out onto the ground. The subsequent ire that follows can be epic.

As one of the few forms of permission-based advertising, e-mail marketing is one of the most personal and potentially profitable form of marketing today. By delivering relevant content only to your subscribers, you are creating and nurturing a special relationship with them.

And because e-mail is instant and economical - not to mention 99% of internet users use e-mail - it's an integral, albeit often overlooked, aspect of any company's advertising efforts.

Branding & E-mail Design

To avoid a disconnect between your e-mails and your web site, our talented Pop Labs web designers ensure uniformity in color scheme, font styles, logos, and all that jazz. As with any web site we build, we'll include pertinent content and calls-to-action in the appropriate places, so your customers know exactly what you want them to do.


Does your target audience find value in what you are saying? Are you communicating your message effectively? Pop Labs will ensure the written content in your e-mail blasts is consistent with your company's voice in order to maintain your integrity.

By carefully planning the content you send to your clients, you can avoid sounding spammy and getting caught by e-mail filters. In addition, it's important to make sure that your e-mail marketing campaigns effectively drive your clients to relevant landing pages on your site. Thorough planning and content consultation ensures that your proposition offers a sense of urgency in a manner that remains professional, adheres to your branding and functions as an effective marketing piece.

Reporting & Analytics

It's all about three letters: R-O-I.

You may think your e-mail blasts look great, but how are your customers reacting to them? At Pop Labs, we have the reporting capabilities to analyze any and all aspects of your e-mail marketing campaign to ensure our efforts are not in vain.

By analyzing bounce rates, click rates, and so much more, we can determine the success of past e-mail blasts and help capitalize on our biggest assets in future e-mail marketing efforts.

Spam Belongs On Bread and Not Your E-mail Marketing Campaign