Pop Lab's, Inc. Designer, Ryan Sytsma, Winner of December 2011 002houston Magazine Cover Contest

Houston, TX (December 1, 2011) - 002houston magazine set out to find the most cutting edge and creative artwork they could for The 5th Annual December Cover Contest, and they sure did! 002houston ran the cover contest with the theme, "Our City", encouraging participants to submit their designs that embodied their personal passion for Houston.

The 5th Annual December Cover Contest finalist, Ryan Sytsma, was selected as the winner at an event hosted by 002houston, at the Deborah Colton Gallery. Guests were given the exclusive opportunity to vote for their favorite design. It's no secret that Houston is made up of amazing talent, and attendees had the chance to witness that talent firsthand.

"I drew inspiration from vintage US state postcards that were comprised of bright colors and bold letters. I wanted to recreate that vibe to give it a traditional, western look that could characterize Houston well, "said Ryan.

Ryan is a designer for Pop Labs, Inc., an award-winning interactive agency in Houston. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2006 from Montana State University. In September 2007, he moved to Houston, working at multiple jobs in design before beginning his position as designer for Pop Labs in March 2010.

At Pop Labs, it is always an honor for our fellow designers to participate in creative avenues that allow them to exercise their talents. Ryan's 002houston cover design is printed in 70,000 issues, distributed throughout the greater Houston area. Pop Labs congratulates Ryan on this amazing piece and are proud to have such creative talent on board. Check out Ryan's work along with with remaining finalists at the 002houston magazine website.

About Pop Labs, Inc.

Created in 2004, Pop Labs Inc. is an interactive marketing & branding agency with offices in Houston, San Francisco, and Guatemala. Pop Labs has become recognized as an industry leader across the United States and has a client footprint reaching more than a dozen countries, and every state in the US. The company provides a variety of services including SEO, SEM, Press Release Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Compliance Consulting, Email Services, PPC and Display Ad Management, Convergence Marketing, Brand Consulting, Analytics, Trade Show & Event Marketing, and much more. Pop Labs has won numerous marketing awards, including INC Magazine's prestigious INC 500 / 5,000 award four consecutive years in a row. In 2011 Pop Labs ranked #1,565 on the list of 5,000 fastest growing private US companies, and in October, merged with #230 BrightBox Online. More info here: http://www.poplabs.com/ and http://www.brightboxonline.com/.

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