Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Pay-per-click advertising brings your customers to you in the most cost-effective way possible. By targeting only the people looking for your specific products and services, Pop Labs helps ensure that the people coming to your site are the ones most likely to convert to customers.

While search engine optimization provides long-term results, a holistic online marketing approach that includes a carefully managed PPC campaign can yield optimal results. If you are looking for immediate results from your online marketing campaign, PPC advertising needs to be part of the mix. With a proven PPC strategy, Pop Labs can help you benefit from targeted ads and keywords that produce a higher rate of return than virtually all other forms of marketing.

Keyword Research

Knowing which keywords you want to show up under isn't the challenge. Everyone has those "vanity phrases" under which they want to show up. However, actually identifying which keywords have the potential to convert into leads is crucial to the success of every online marketing campaign.

Our brainiac, mad-scientist search engine marketing specialists (try saying that five times fast), armed with the latest tools and years of industry experience, diligently build each client their own custom pay-per-click advertising campaign.

PPC Ad Copywriting

Though it seems like such a simple task, writing effective PPC ad text is its own art form. Our team of Certified Google AdWords Professionals plan and test out ad copy variations that are designed to attract, pre-qualify, and draw users to your website.

Landing Page Development

Your web site is your online salesperson. If not designed properly, it can repel potential customers, possibly forever, and damage your reputation with the search engines. To prevent your site from becoming an exit door, Pop Labs exercises proven user-friendly design and lead-generating techniques to create landing pages that your visitors will find hard to resist. During our design process, we set specific goals for your landing pages, and after site launch, we are able to track those goals, analyze the results, and re-work things to improve conversion rates.

Bid & Budget Management

Buying a guitar will not make you a rock star. Likewise, signing up for a Google AdWords account does not mean you’ll make money online. Without experience, careful planning, and flawless execution, the most well-intentioned PPC campaign will fall flat. Our certified search marketing specialists take the time to formulate winning strategies for each of your keywords and monitor their performance so that your budget can be maximized, and your money managed effectively.

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