Social Media Consulting Services

People Trust People They Know

Yesterday's chat room has been replaced by something much more powerful. Sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter allow everyday people to interact with, influence, and impact potentially millions of others. And whether bad or good, news travels fast.

Understanding Social Media

  1. Markets are conversations.
  2. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.
  3. Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.

The above points are the first three theses from The Cluetrain Manifesto. Although the book was published 10 years ago, it still speaks most clearly on Social Media's power and influence in today's online marketplace. Companies are now using these platforms to personalize their message, to humanize their voice, and to spread the message about their organizations. If people tend to trust people they know, why not let them get to know you?

The emergence of Social Media will change the way you brand, market, and share the message about your products and services. Are you ready?

Social Media Strategy Development

An effective social media campaign has the ability to attract and engage visitors in a way that organic search results and paid advertising cannot. An effective social media strategy is focused on attracting visitors to relevant two-way conversations about your products, services, industry, or brand and increasing the volume and richness of those conversations. Our social media strategy development consists of:

  • Search Engine Reputation Audit
  • Social Media Keyword Research
  • Blog Audience Development

Social Media Tool Development

Pop Labs' Social Media Optimization process will help clients “develop their voice” and learn how to “listen to markets”. Our social media tool development includes:

  • Podcast/Videocast Set-up and Design
  • Blog Set-up and Design
  • Viral Campaign Development
  • Social Network Application Development
  • Microblogging Set-up
  • Custom Social Application Development

Social Media PR Services

Properly connecting you directly with your online audience helps you increase your visibility, improve credibility and generate demand and sales. Are people talking about your company? If so, what are they saying? If not, why not? Get a conversation started about your business today.

Social Media Training

You will find out how to get started on integrating social media into your company culture and marketing plans in the future, and effectively using Social Media tools like Twitter to communicate with your audience. You will also learn how to identify the right online resources and books to stay on top of changing trends in social media.

  • Social Media Newsroom
  • Social Media Press Release

Online Reputation Management

Sometimes inaccurate and even negative information can rank highly in search engine results, just below or worse above company branded results, making it highly visible to current/future employees, customers, vendors, investors, and the media. This information can come from articles, product reviews and other sites created by disgruntled customers or employees. Important company constituents could be exposed to negative comments about your brand that you have no control over.

Our experienced team of search experts can help you dissect this issue with resources that find and track negative comments and the behavior that leads people to search for them.

  • Content Monitoring Strategy
  • Real-time Blog Monitoring
  • Custom RSS Update Feeds
  • Targeted Feedback Campaigns
  • Social Network Monitoring

Community Outreach Management

The community outreach services are intended to help you identify content, activities, messages, communities, and influencers that will most effectively help you share your opinions, experiences, and perspectives with the right audience. We teach you how to create genuine personal relationships with the influencers and evangelists that have the greatest voice within their online social networks.

Custom Development

At Pop Labs, we specialize in marketing your business through PPC, SEO, and social media. Occasionally this will require the development of specialized applications and widgets. Our staff of developers, programmers, and designers keeps abreast of emerging technologies and can apply these cutting-edge techniques to custom applications that will extend the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign.

Whether your objective is to enhance your brand experience or to brand related widgets and applications, we can help. To receive a detailed social networking website design project proposal from our experts, complete our request for proposal form.

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People Trust People They Know